How to Choose Your Kitchen Sink

Everyone has an opinion about the right kind of kitchen sink. From black to white, farmhouse to stainless steel, there are a multitude of options. But the question everyone should be asking themselves during the design phase of their kitchen renovation is: which works best for my everyday life? In order to answer that, let’s […]

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Basics of Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting requires some planning based on the size and number of focal elements. Your  lighting plan will always depend on how large your kitchen is, and how many focal elements you have. Let’s explore some basic principles below so that you can develop some lighting ideas for your future kitchen renovation. Major Kitchen Light […]

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Open Concept Shelving in Kitchens

Open concept shelving deserves some serious thought. While kitchen cabinet door selection is obviously important, you should always consider open shelving an option. Continue reading below for some advantages of shelving concepts. Accessibility For the avid cook, open concept shelving offers the convenience of reaching for your spices, ingredients or plates when you are busy […]

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Popular Bathroom Design Trends

  Bathroom design has come a long way from being considered purely functional, high traffic spaces in the home. Today’s bathroom design trends focus on merging functionality with the right mood. Whether you are looking for a modern, sleek feel or a classic design, there are so many options to choose from. Let’s take a […]

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All About Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are one of the focal points of your kitchen space. Offering both functionality and visual appeal, choosing the right style and size is a crucial part of every kitchen renovation project. Let’s explore some of the basics below to get a good sense of the options available to you when you are renovating. […]

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