1. Visiting Our Showroom

  • Meeting with our team to discuss your desires and dreams pertaining to the project
  • Overview of our services and available options
  • Touring the showroom to explore various room setups and view samples
  • Preliminary planning to ensure everyone is on the same page
showroom 1

2. Design Conceptualization

  • Working with our Design Consultants to refine the project design further
  • Visiting the showroom to view sample materials and rooms as reference models
  • Verification of material and product availability
  • Collaborating with us to ensure every detail and aspect meets your expectations

3. Ordering

  • Meeting to confirm finalized budget
  • Scheduling installation date(s) and time(s)
  • Final run-through of project plan and overall design
  • Making any necessary design changes
  • Briefing the building team to prepare for the project
showroom 2
showroom 3

4. Delivery & Installation Services

  • Arrival of our experienced installers at pre-arranged date and time
  • Inspection to ensure everything is cleared away and the room is ready
  • Professional installation and setup
  • Polishing, cleaning, and final touches

5. Final Inspections

  • Comprehensive quality assurance checks
  • Contact with your Design Consultant to verify completed project aligns with agreed-upon design
  • Collection of feedback and final signing-off of project completion upon your satisfaction
  • Post-completion follow-up to ensure all is well
showroom 4