Range Hoods for your Kitchen Design

Choosing a kitchen range hood is a pivotal piece of equipment in your design. Your range hood is essential for moving smells, moisture and fumes out of your kitchen while you are cooking. Whether you call it an exhaust fan, hood fan or range hood, this piece serves a core function in the kitchen. Visually, they can be a focal point within your kitchen and so some thought should be put into the style. Keep reading below for some ideas and design options for your kitchen renovation.

Sizing and installation

Range hoods should usually match the width of the cooking surface below. This makes sense since their function is to vent away the moisture produced from cooking.

For installation, remember that the fan is venting the air from your kitchen to the outside of the home and they should never exhaust into the basement, the attic or another room of the house. When designing your kitchen, keep in mind how far the exhaust ductwork will have to travel from your cooking surface to the outside of the home. Usually, if the cooktop is near an exterior wall, this makes for a simple installation.

It should be noted that there are non-venting models available that do not vent to the outside, but rather use a filter system to clean the air that is pulled in.

modern kitchen redesignChimney style range hoods

Chimney hoods are trendy as they can make a bold statement in your design.  Most chimney hood designs are made from stainless steel, this will give a sleek design within your new space.

Kitchen island installations

Range hoods can be hung above kitchen islands over your cooking surface such as a cooktops or slide in stove. Explore some of the visual options available for kitchen islands, including curved models and glass canopy styles. Since these will be hanging in the centre of your kitchen space, you want to be happy with how they look.

Space saving designs space saver microwave hood fan

Kitchens that need a space-conscious design, combination range hood-microwaves are useful as they combine two appliances into one. These hoods can  be vented outside or recirculating.

Custom cabinetry options

While some people love a stainless-steel model that is a centrepiece of their kitchen, others may want to conceal their range hood with custom cabinetry. Talk to your kitchen designers about creating a custom piece that matches the concept of your kitchen. Make sure to discuss the bulk of the piece, the color scheme, and the overall sizing.