Kitchen Floor Choices

How to Choose Your Kitchen Floor Based on Needs

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If you are looking to plan a kitchen renovation, you already know that there are a multitude of decisions to make regarding countertops, paint, cabinetry and hardware. However, don’t forget to put some thought into your kitchen flooring choices. Whether you are simply going to use the same flooring from the rest of the main floor, or you want a different look in your kitchen altogether so that it contrasts with the adjoining rooms, there are some key factors to consider.

What Is The Best Kitchen Floor Choice?

There are a variety of flooring types that work well in a home kitchen and the right choice really depends on the homeowner and their space. When making your decision, it is important to consider what you want from your kitchen flooring. Some important factors include durability, slip resistance, and overall look.

Durability is important

The kitchen is normally a high traffic area of the home. Additionally, the kitchen is where cups, pots, cutlery and food all get dropped most frequently onto the floor. This means the floor in your kitchen will take a lot of punishment over the years.

Liquid is also commonly spilled in the kitchen and this can be dangerous if your flooring has poor slip resistance or poor moisture protection.

For these reasons, durability should always be one of the main factors to consider when renovating your kitchen.



Tile is a great choice for kitchen flooring because it resists water damage and also does not dent or scratch easily from dropped items or from the paws of your pets. Tile also often comes with a slip-resistance rating and this can help to inform you about how it will perform if liquid spills onto it.

While tile is a very durable choice for kitchen flooring, it is not great for long periods of standing. Fatigue can set in on your legs and feet if you spend a long time standing on tile flooring. Keep this in mind when looking at tile for your kitchen, but remember that standing mats can be used to cushion your feet on tile in the areas where you spend most of your time (at the sink, at the stove).


For homes with hardwood flooring, one popular option these days is to have the hardwood continue into the kitchen. This gives a clean and continuous look to your home’s flooring. This is especially attractive for open concept homes.

While hardwood looks great, remember that it is not as durable as tile and it can become scratched or dented if heavy objects (cast iron pans, mugs) are dropped onto it. It can also be susceptible to moisture damage if your refrigerator leaks or if spills are not cleaned up.

One advantage to hardwood flooring that is damaged is that it can often be refinished. This means that if your flooring is starting to look faded or damaged, a flooring specialist can refinish it to make it look brand new.