Meet the Owners of Spectrum Kitchens

Lori Di Saverio; Design Consultant, and Co-owner

Lori Di Saverio; Designer and Co-owner of Spectrum Kitchens

Lori Di Saverio; Designer and Co-owner

Donning a hard hat and boots and taking cabinet measurements on the worksite is a special treat for Spectrum Kitchens co-owner Lori Di Saverio. It’s not something she gets to do as often as she once did, as she also serves as an Interior Designer and Sales Representative for the company, but she makes a point of scheduling these outings at least once or twice a month.

She does this because, of all the tasks on her desk, it’s the designing and the interaction with builders and customers that Lori is most passionate about.

Lori is originally from Ottawa, and earned her Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Manitoba in 1982. Her career began at a kitchen company in Mississauga where she worked for about a year before moving back to Ottawa.

She spent the next five years working for Domicile Developments in their kitchen division before taking several years off to be home with her children. By the time she was ready to return to the workforce in 1996, Domicile had closed their kitchen division, but a former co-worker encouraged her to join Canac Kitchens. She did, and spent the next 12 years learning more about the industry and building relationships with builders in the city.

When Canac closed their doors, she joined forces with Sandra McLaurin and Peter Summers to form what is now Spectrum Kitchens.

Sandra McLaurin; Design Consultant and Co-owner

Sandra McLaurin, Co-owner Spectrum Kitchens

As Co-owner of Spectrum Kitchens, Sandra McLaurin never has a ‘typical’ day at the office — and that’s what she loves most about her job.

Multitasking with roles in Sales and as a Design Consultant, Sandra works one-on-one with customers and builders, both at the office and at job sites. Seeing a kitchen project go from concept to reality is what fuels her passion.

Originally from Moncton, New Brunswick, Sandra came to Ontario when she was five years old. In 1985 she started with Canac Kitchens, then a fledgling kitchen company in Ottawa. As it grew, so did Sandra’s breadth of knowledge and experience in the industry, not to mention her rapport with what are now some of Ottawa’s most prominent builders.

When Canac closed in 2008, she partnered with Peter Summers and Lori Di Saverio to form what is now Spectrum Kitchens.

Peter Summers; Installation Manager and Co-owner

Peter Summers; Spectrum Kitchens Installation Manager and Co-owner

Peter Summers; Installation Manager and Co-owner

For Peter Summers, the best part of his job is when he can look at a freshly installed kitchen that is matched to the customer’s or builder’s specifications and know that it will be a cherished part of the home it resides in.

Peter is Co-Owner and Installation Manager at Spectrum Kitchens, running the business with partners Lori Di Saverio and Sandra McLaurin.

With 100% of his industry knowledge coming from hands-on experience, Peter knows how important it is to make sure every job is done properly, on time, and on budget.

The Ottawa native began his career at Specialty Kitchens, working on cabinet manufacturing for about six years after high school. From there, he joined Canac Kitchens, and spent the next 20 years doing kitchen installations, followed by about five years in service, and ultimately, management.

He now puts all those skills to good use at Spectrum Kitchens, working with homeowners and builders to see kitchens of all kinds take shape. In his almost 40 years in the industry, kitchen design has changed a lot, but his passion for getting the job done right hasn’t.